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We are excited to present a much requested new feature — it is now possible to disable your camera when recording your Movenote presentation!

“Even easier than before”

Now you can make and send a video presentation directly from your Gmail.

Movenote has two new features

What is Movenote?

Movenote User Stories

Video presentation on Google Drive

Video Presentation on Gmail

MoveNote Tutorial for Chromebook Use

Movenote iOS App Tutorial

CoffeeTime Movenote

How to Use MoveNote Recorded by Zoom Post Edit by Mike Downes

Movenote: crea tus videolecciones online

Google Chrome App - MoveNote

Movenote Android App

How to make video presentations from Dropbox with Movenote

How to make video presentations from Box with Movenote


Movenote: tutorial en español para crear tus videolecciones rápido y fácilmente

Kelly Walsh shares teachers' experiences on using Movenote on
Make and share video presentations in Google Apps movenoteingoogle....
Movenote for iOS:
Movenote is a great tool for finger spelling! www.spectronicsin...
Movenote on The Wall Street Journal...
Movenote - video presentation creator
"Nowadays people are hiding behind their desks sending emails to one another. They rarely talk in public in front of more than a couple of people. They are scared. They are scared because they have forgotten how to speak."
With the Movenote Android App you are able to open your Drive files on your mobile or tablet devices and create a presentation.
Katie Lyon has great ideas about how to use the Movenote app within our classrooms, clinics and in our homes
Movenote app available on Chrome Web Store!
Movenote is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Get your free app from the Apple App Store.
Aalto focuses now more on independent studying. They have solved the resource problem with a video presentation software.
The Movenote app lets you record video alongside documents or pictures to create an integrated video presentation with slides. Creating presentations is easy and fast. Simply record video with your device and swipe to synchronize the slides to the video. Presentations are shared by sending a link to the recipient and can be viewed without the app.
Businesses are starting to use video instead of e-mail and written word
Students are now using video to present homework

Quick and Easy Way to Bring Life to Your Presentation

Video Presentations for everyone

Movenote is a one-of-a-kind video presentation tool online and on your portable devices. Movenote is incredibly versatile and is being used in education for blended and flipped learning, in sales and marketing and in everyday messaging. Recording your presentations is easy and quick and everything is sharable online by email or social media with a simple link. Since everything is on a cloud server, you can access your videos practically anywhere and with the statistics tool you will be able to see who watched your video and when. Movenote videos can be watched on any device that supports video, no matter if they have movenote on them or not. You can use movenote directly from your Gmail and your Google Drive and on any desktop computer, laptop, iOS or Android device. Movenote is here to change the way we communicate, join the move(note)ment!

  • Video Presentations

    Movenote is available on any browser and can be accessed with your Google account. Create video presentations quickly with your webcam and share them worldwide.

  • Chrome web store apps

    You can find Movenote from Chrome web store. With the apps and extensions you can use movenote directly from your Gmail and make video presentations without leaving your inbox and through your Google Drive.

  • iPhone and iPad

    Download the movenote app for your iPhone or iPad and make video presentations on the go. You can also check your movenotes to see how many times they have been viewed and other cool features.

  • Google Apps Market Place

    For administrators: download your movenote from the Google Apps Market Place for an administrative version where you can create groups for teachers and students and create backgrounds for video presentations created by your school.

  • Android Apps

    Download the movenote app for your Android device and make video presentations on the go. You can also check your movenotes to see how many times they have been viewed and other cool features.