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Security Overview

We provide this overview so that you could understand better what kind of security measures we have done to protect the data you create when using Movenote.

Secure Storage and Transfers

All videos and slides are stored in protected environments and backed up daily. Movenote uses Amazon S3 for data storage, converting slides and videos and hosting the site. Amazon stores data over several large-scale data centers. According to Amazon, data centers are secured with a variety of physical controls to prevent unauthorized access.

Your videos and slides are sent between Movenote’s mobile apps and Amazon servers over a secure channel using SSL encryption, the standard for secure Internet network connections.

You can find more information about Amazon's security at the Amazon Web Services' website.


A copy of our full privacy policy can be found at:

We are fully committed to protect your data and work hard to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your information.

Movenote employees are not allowed to view your personal information. However, like most online services, we have a small number of employees who must have access to all information for the reasons mentioned in our privacy policy. Those employees have strict guidelines and limitations how to use this entitlement.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement

As set forth in our privacy policy, and in compliance with Finnish law, Movenote cooperates with Finnish law enforcement when it receives valid legal process, which may require Movenote to provide the contents of your Movenote account.

Where do I report security issues?

We have a number of ways to ensure that the data you create on Movenote is safe. While we are confident in our security systems we are aware that like any other security system, it is not 100% secure. That is why we keep on improving and upgrading our security measures so it would be as near perfect as possible.

You could report security concerns to